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Re: getting along with people …how?

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I do better with social groups then just hanging out with one person. I had a friend tell the college consular that I don’t spend enough hanging outside of a structured setting. My response was I thought since I ate lunch, and we have been in the same clubs that I spend to much time with her.

Then there is this one group that supposed to hang out and talk. No, they play games. I hate games. Once I won a game and started to cry and then I lost a game started crying. There was this one game that had 10 rounds. 10 rounds that is like a lifetime of playing cards! I only made two rounds. They let me quit because my face was all red and they thought I was going to have a panic attack if they made me play another round. Then one game it seemed to randomly end.

They at least let me knit, because I would be bored. Worse they show up late. Normally I show up a half an hour early. I am usually half an hour early for everything.