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I so totally hear you, I waitressed for years and can totally relate, eventually I figured out that running around like a chicken with my head cut off was only adding to my adhd symptoms where I thought it was helping! I was good in crisis situations fast thinking on y feet and loved dealing with people :-) But I woke up and realized that the connstant zingging back and forth the noise levels on busy rush times and the restraunt changing (I would get bored and move to a new restaurant every year lol) was hindering me as a person! I cut down on my hours during the week and tried a temp agency where I eventually fell into a house cleaning agency, I thought oh yeah here I go I can’t even clean and organize my own house right I’m gonna b able to do this lol! What do you know I’m good at it! After 6 months my boss started to irritate me and I felt like I was being squished into the linear box again so decided to go out on my own (at this time I had just started meds) It gave me the push to write lists on accomplishing what needed to be done, I quickly became popular with new clients, and quit my job at the restaurant, most of my clients are home when I’m there and love to chat and I feel like I am really helping people! By being able to schedule my own clients in a calendar book and not overdo it everyday I have wayyyyy less stress! The noise has stopped a lot in my head and the confusion is less I am also not as tired! Just thought I would share my story because I never thought I would have been capable of being more than a waitress and btw I charge $25/hr because I have a criminal record check done and liability ins which was really cheap to do but makes clients feel better so I make as much as I did waitressing :-) Don’t sell yourself short, you can achieve you just need to do what makes you happy not more stressed!