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@ashockley55: I can’t believe you’re a waitress and do so well! If I took any order with 2 things or more, i would forget the darn thing by the time I got to the kitchen. Also the table where I took the order. You need to congratulate yourself for doing a very difficult task that is very demanding at the best of times. Good for you. Seriously.

On another note, I suspect you are setting your own standards much higher than your co-workers. If I may suggest it, step back a second, take a deep breath, and try to look as objectively as possible at your job. Then try to perform at a level that is very good, but don’t kill yourself in trying to be “perfect”, nothing and no-one ever is. While it’s admirable that you try and try and try, it’s not serving you well,an while it’ll be hard to do this, just try to accept that ‘very good’ performance will more than satisfy your customers and clients. And it may offer you a modicum of respite and relief. Ignore the rest of the lazies, you can’t help them so don’t waste your valuable time worrying about them.

Good luck, Jim

P.S. – saw an American ad this a.m. on TV, ownyouradhd.com, quick test and sponsored by Shire (Adderall) but it’s free and might be a bit of help as you seek diagnosis?