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I wish I could be of some help but I don’t know the restaurant business at all, except as a customer. Stupid question maybe, but are there any other restaurants in your area that you could start dropping off resumes? Even if they don’t have any opening now, they might have a position open up in the near future. Where I live there are so many restaurants around that there are always positions available.

I’m equally frustrated with my job. The stress level has set up blood pressure up to new heights ( 😯 ) and I’m dreading going back to work on Monday. I get all kinds of praise (do the best job ever!!) but that does nothing to alleviate the stressful conditions I work under. After things started blowing up all around me because nuclear meltdown conditions had come to fruition (Hey, doesn’t anyone remember me saying this was going to happen?), the powers that be have finally made some of the moves that needed to be made last fall.

The changes won’t happen immediately but will happen ASAP. In other words, not right away since a lot of legal paperwork needs to be filled out/submitted/okayed. So where does that leave me? Same place I was last fall and all the way to last week. Stressed and probably slowly killing myself. But….I get pats on my back telling me that I do a great job, best in my field.

Personally, I would get greater satisfaction if they backed that message up by acting upon my concerns when I first raise them (instead of when they have to try to deal with the issues and freak out when they realize how serious they are).

Sometimes, I think we ADHDers try too hard at our jobs. Our ongoing fears that we’ll do a job badly by inadvertantly missing something ’cause of our ‘brains’ maybe makes us try way too hard to do things better than everyone else. We end up shooting ourselves in the foot because we do things so much better, we get taken advantage of!

We work harder so that we don’t fail and then get taken advantage of because they know we’ll hang in there and do the job when no one else will do it!