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I’m not a guy, but it has happened to me in the past. I’ve had two types of relationships: one-sided abusive ones and ones like you mention. This poor guy was really nice to me and treated me well, but after a while, it just started feeling a little suffocating. And, like you, I started nit-picking until I got to the point that I didn’t want to be around him any more. And I ended up hurting him.

I guess that’s a part of the reason I have tended to be attracted to men who are jerks; because I know I won’t hurt them. I know that’s totally messed up because it seems that I would rather hurt myself than someone who doesn’t deserve it.

This is actually why I’m happily single and independent. The only male bossing me around these days is my cat (and man, can he be annoying!).

What you wrote makes me think of what happened when I went snow skiing my one and only time. I was not very good to begin with, but whenever I would start moving forward and doing it right, I made myself fall down. I preferred having a little control over my fall than to be out of control and slamming into trees or other people.

I think that might be a great analogy for my love life.