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I have read the articles in the Globe and I while I agree with what most everyone is saying on this forum, I can’t think that maybe in more than a few cases the ADD is misdiagnosed and might be well controlled as stated in “Here is the cure to ADD:”. A few parents try that and if they find it works for their kids, then it apparently becomes the gold standard for treating all kids. Ritalin not needed: for everybody period.

We know that diagnosing ADD at best is difficult. Many of us have suffered silently, for years perhaps, while finding out “what is wrong with us?”

And it seems to me after reading a lot of our stories that reality of ADD took a long time for a lot of us. It was hard to put into words to doctors and therapists exactly what we were going through and how we felt. And then the wrong diagnosis was usually applied: either depression or anxiety and a suitable treatment was started. Not because of malpractice, but because nobody knew about adult ADD.

The root cause of the depression and anxiety we had was never even considered until recently. So it must be even more difficult to diagnose a young boy or girl, and based solely on anecdotal evidence from teachers for the most part. I’m reasonably certain that most parents cannot see ADD in their children unless the parents are aware themselves. Kids can’t verbalize what they’re feeling or what’s wrong or why they do what they do.

In most cases the diagnosis of ADD is usually “made in the field” by teachers who are trying to educate kids with minimal disruption in the classroom. Or because of lousy teachers. I don’t know.

But I think we need to look at the statistics, though. While it is suspected there is roughly 5% probability that a person has ADD, what is the percentage of school age children are, on the advice of a teacher, are ADD and need treatment? Has that been looked into? If there is a higher percentage of kids reported to have ADD by the school system, say in the 7-10% range then something is out of whack. That, or, there are more people in the general population that have ADD and that stat maybe needs to be changed. Maybe boys are being over diagnosed? But for the wrong reasons.

Everything now needs a quick fix, a pill, to produce the results we want immediately. Big pharma and doctors in a conspiracy? Well, that’s fine by me….I’m a lot better because of it. If someone out there has a secret agenda or a mission to make people believe it’s all a sham and we’re being duped. Fine, your entitled to your beliefs. However, these people are usually the ones that know just what’s right for everybody and you “just need to pull yourself by the bootstraps, try harder and stop being so lazy” Sound familiar?

Fine. Leave me alone, leave us alone. I’m better now, we’re better now.

“Anti-women”? I think that’s a little harsh sounding more like a generalization. Maybe because there are fewer male teachers in the junior grades it might make even more difficult for a boy to relate to school and want to do well. Maybe there is a correlation? Not having any children myself, I guess I don’t really have an opinion. But I would think the education system needs to look at that issue, because if we are “failing boys” we’re in for a lot of trouble when boys leave school early and lack the skills they need to succeed. We may need a few more “super-prisons” because some boys, as men, will find other “creative” ways to make a living. I believe the stats on the percentage of males with undiagnosed ADD already in prison bear that out. Let’s use our ability to “see the big picture” and make things better.

In just in favour of anything that engages and keeps boys in school. Maybe the curriculum has to change. My mother recently found most of my report cards when I was in school…a long time ago….and they really didn’t reveal anything I already don’t know as a result of being ADD. The subjects I liked, I did well; the subjects I didn’t like, well…you know. “Needs to concentrate/focus more…Needs to apply himself…Should pay more attention in class…”

And going back to the “Here is the cure to ADD:” Isn’t that just good parenting advice for all kids?

Hope this helps…and good luck.