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Re: Go public, or keep it a secret?

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Ah! but you do cope and you are going for a post Master’s degree! don’t you see, you are an inspiration especially to me. I have always had trouble reading academic text myself. Learning to isolate what is important and takeing notes on it, is a stroke of genius , it will make my academic life alot easier.

I never implied that “everything is beautiful” or that I am always sucessful my biggest obstacle besides various learning difficulties is fatigue which has always been an issue.The idea is not to fight the obstacles but learn to circumvent your obstacle,and obviously you have learned to do that. Your academic success holds witness to that fact.The important thing is to develop a sense of humor i.e. learning not to take yourself so seriously, which can be a discipline in itself; remember you can not hide a full grown bull elephant under a blade of grass so why bother. Like it or not you define your own reality and how others view you. Continue to do what is successful for you so long it is not self-distructive but then “up the ante” learn to circumvent your obstacles insted of resisting them. You have already done so with your strategy for dealing with reading academic materials.