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Patte Rosebank
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Cutting out junk food will make anyone feel better. That’s a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, the website that has this “ADHD Diet” is yet another of those “Prescription Meds Are Evil, So Buy Our Natural Products” sites. If you scroll down, you’ll notice that they’re trying to sell you their supplements.

It has been conclusively proven that ADHD is NOT caused by junk food, refined sugar, “yellow foods”, aspertame, etc. It’s a genetic condition, which means you’re born with it. The only other way you can get ADHD is as a result of a brain injury.

As for that stuff about “dental fillings & bridgework contain dangerous metals”, that’s all been debunked years ago. People paid thousands of dollars to have their amalgam fillings replaced, even though there was absolutely no scientific proof that they were “slowly poisoning” people. Besides, if it were true that the metal in dental work were the cause of ADHD, then 99% of the population would have ADHD.

The claim that “a significant number of children are allergic to milk” likewise has been debunked by legitimate scientific testing.

By all means, cut out the junk food, and walk more. But don’t believe the claims of that website about its “ADHD Diet”. And don’t waste your money on the supplements it’s trying to sell you.