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ADD or not, sensible eating is just plain, well, sensible!

I wish I had the will-power I once had regarding food. Just too many things going on that cause me to fall back to the old ways. But illness, or health, ADD or not, ingrown toenails or not, our bodies weren’t “made” to ingest garbage and be at its best.

I do try to follow the Weight Watchers suggestions…….. which include cutting a bunch of the crap, eating fresh veggies, fruits, and allow other things, but in MODERATION. So you like cake? That’s cool – but geesh, a 6″ x 6″ slice? Uh, how about a small fraction of that?

10 years ago I lost 30 pounds, and felt the best I’d felt in many many years. W-W did it for me. We’ve gone back to some of our old ways, but we now eat a lot more fish, shrimp, veggies and fruits are ALREADY ready for a snack in the ‘fridge’. Instead of reaching in for some junk, how about keeping some good stuff cleaned and ready to grab and eat?

My son and I were chatting the other day and we decided that as soon as humans are born, it should be automatic to remove the gall bladder. Those who have had that done will understand why we said that….. ;-)

So a good diet and healthy food won’t cure your ADD, but it won’t hurt you either – some of the other stuff we eat will……..

I believe in sort of an in between – but in any case, all things in moderation.

(I raised my hogs in an open lot, not in confinement. I ground their feed using my own corn, I minimized pre-plant tillage passes and used rotary hoe and cultivator during the growing season instead of so much chemical week killers. That crap gets into water after a heavy rain.)

You want chemicals and drugs? Check out confinement systems……. WOW.