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I’ll see your bands, and raise you:

Joel Plaskett Emergency

Matt Mays and El Torpedo

Matt Anderson (OH MY GOD, THIS GUY IS SOOOOOOOO GOOD! I know it’s not Christmas, but youtube his cover of O Holy Night. Chills)

Alexis on Fire

Air Traffic Control

Avril Lavigne (Yeah. I like her sometimes. Sometimes I like to listen to shitty music and sing her covers while I play guitar. I’m a girl.)

April Wine

Bachman Turner Overdrive

The Band

The Barra MacNeils

The Be Good tanyas

Bedouin Soundclash

Broken Social Scene

Crash Test Dummies

Danko Jones (They call me the mango kid, but your girl calls me baby)

Great Lake Swimmers

Great Big Sea

Hey Rosetta! (Check out their video for There’s an Arc on youtube. Go do it now. This will be here when you get back)

Moxy Früvous

Tegan and Sarah (ALSO SO GOOD)


Two Hours Traffic

The Weakerthans

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Some of these I like more than others, but all are Canadian!