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Ok, Rick. Just for http://www.totallyadd.com I wrote to them.

I’m pasting my reply here for anyone who wishes to use it or take from it for their responses. You can write to them here: http://ezorigin.csmonitor.com/About/Contact/Feedback/Comments-and-corrections


I saw no references regarding the research disproving the existence of ADD/ADHD. I, however, can list some resources for this academic scholar (an assistant professor of Educational Studies) NOT a LICENSED PHYSICIAN nor a LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST that prove that it is a NEUROLOGICAL based disorder involving the Frontal Cortex of the brain. He can start with the American Medical Association (AMA), the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), the American Society of Pediatrics and more.

The fact that he is spreading information that stimulant medication used properly is dangerous when in fact it is safer than aspirin is fabrication. And, that this author linked phrenology (the pseudo science of scalp bump reading) and female hysteria (the Victorian Age ‘s excuse for pelvic massage-yes you read that right), is demeaning, disgusting and harmful.

In addition, it’s presence is not solely in “mis-behaving” hyperactive or daydreamy children. Your author conveniently and purposely left out the high number of adults who continue to evidence ADD/ADHD.

Please take this opportunity to have a physician or psychologist (by all means find a Christian one) to share helpful and enlightening information to your readers regarding the benefits and challenges that people with ADD/ADHD face daily.

Thank you for your time,

M. Marcel “