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Re: Has anyone read this yet?

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Bravo! Very well said, MMarcel!

As an educator, it’s sad to think that there are still young, bright minds out there who may be subjected to teachers trained under such malarky. At institutions of higher learning, no less! What year is this supposed to be now?

Yes, a new school year and September are fast approaching. Do you know who is teaching YOUR child this year?

As I write this I’m trying to figure out how to finnagle (is that a word?) a trip to Winterpeg to attend the Annual Tourette Conference with our fine Mr. Green and THE Dr. Hallowell as presenters. What do you think?

I’m an educator with ADD, have a family member with TS/ADD, am from the Peg (family visit is WAY “Past Due” but I could combine it with this enjoyable educational experience- bonus!!) AND….I already know I my class is filled with ADDers, one with TS/ADD.

Now, what does my budget have to say about getting there?

Sorry, got a bit off track there. The article mentioned got me to thinking about teachers needing to keep their knowledge base up-to-date with ongoing training but that endeavour would be useless if ‘malarky’ was the basis of the course.