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owo, we could be twins this is like reading my own sruggle. when you said you were an ideas person I didn’ know if there was abug on me and you lisening to the things I say a lot of the time. all I can tell you is I take 72mg of generic concerta when I get up . then after lunch I take another 36mg this gives me enough focus so I can try to typ or read abook or try to get some things done I have put off . is it a magic pill to fix for all my short comings NO. what it does do is makes me more aware of all the things that I have to address . the biggist thing for me is not to look at the long list or it gets to overwellming , so it’s as long as I remember one thing at a time it’s all good . I will admitt I spend to many times looking at the whole list and beating myself up about it. still to this day I have never found the value in that , but it seems to be the easyest thing to do , so I have a bad habit of repeating this pratice. this to is on the list. hope this helps.