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Re: Help! Single-Parent With ADD

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Hi Irish…. here is some information……children develop on a cognitive curve if you will. They cannot process in formation like adults it just a fact, they are not capable as yet. That is why we have to parent…they would often perish left to their own devices. So for sure, as I understand it…… age appropriate communication with children is required, and in some stances (crisis) it is crucial. This might be a subject you could approached with a professional before you enter into it. Caution and education before the leap maybe a good path for you? Children get a perspective of protection safety and stability from their parents it allows them to be confident, learn and develop, intellectually and socially. Consider maybe ……….. the gravity of what are you going to share with your 10 year old and why……to what end…. what purpose will it serve for them… I don’t know these answers???? Irish….is there a pressing need or would caution be prudent???

If guilt is a driver Irish…that maybe not be a child’s burden………might be best left to adult sharing??

I do not advise Irish……. I can share some thoughts….. maybe pose some appropriate questions that you can answer for your own clarity and guidance before you act that’s all???

You seemed distraught….I hope maybe these thoughts and questions will assist you in choosing an appropriate coarse of action…..