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hi, It took me till I was 47 to find out I am the youngest of nine most of my siblings have adhd to a point , I would say 7 out of nine . I am staring to think Iam lucky admiting things are not normal was the first step. looking at the rest of us and being the youngest and the first one to be working on climing this huge hill and knowing they to will have to start at the bottom just like ME . they are all very proud, and will have a hard time admitting things are not right. My dad had adhd and never knew. My mother lived with him and his ups and down,s for 54 years before she died . talk about true love.I have brother his son at the age of 8 the school wanted to put him on ridalin his parents just got angry with the school, the poor kid is his worsed problem. the sad thing is they keep telling him it is time to grow up, and he does”t get that there a problem so I will slowly try get them to this site. Sorry for getting off track . my point is it does not matter at what age you start your adventure called adhd at least you start. some of my family have not started yet and the oldest is now 60. some how I hope i can help them all. I think your well on your way to making all the changes you will learn you will want to make. hope this helps.PS when you find the right meds big start.