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Re: Hi, I'm new here and newly diagnosed: “Soar and Fail” So true!!!

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Good day to you or afternoon or evening, or whatever. :) I love smilies and I use them all the time. My web name is Digifan. I don’t know where it came from. It may have something to do with my fascination with electronics and all things that are technical and scientific in nature. I had often refer as a person capable of multitasking. I often find solutions to problems others seem to miss. I must be honest with you. I am not very talkative or appear restless. However my mind seems to bounce all over the place. My doctor had noted I am an innovert – new buzz word! – my term for internal hyperactive hypersensitivity. It came from years of mental suppression of my ADD nature. I was diagnosed with ADD in 2001. It answered a lot of my questions and in many ways, open many doors for me while closing others. :(

Currently I am not in a relationship neither do I have many friends. I think this is the result of years of emotional and mental abuse starting with my parents. I had learned to bury my ADD nature and only now slowly learning how to release it and to use its advantages and disadvantages.

With my medication I was able to keep a job for more than nine years. It is a new record for me. However I am growing restless and more resentful toward it. I must find a different career whee I could thrive with my abilities. This career is very difficult to find. I may have to create one on my own.

I am not what you might call a leadership type. Nor am I a follower. Frankly I don’t know who I am. At times I can be very creative and original but I also have crashes as well. It is hard to know where and who I can turn to for help and support any more.

Sorry about my ranting. I have a tendency of writing down my thoughts and feelings rather than acting them out. I had found writing is my outlet for my nature. What I couldn’t do is to put them into order and present them in such a manner so people would understand them is the ongoing challenge for me.

So have a wonderful day wherever you are. I will see you next time. So to speak.