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Re: Hi, I'm new here and newly diagnosed: “Soar and Fail” So true!!!

Re: Hi, I'm new here and newly diagnosed: “Soar and Fail” So true!!!2010-12-08T13:19:26+00:00

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Hi supper Martha. same boat, but I have cognitve problems. i’m also a good person do anything for any one. But people just can’t handle me i’m in the middle of losing another friend. It will always be that way but I started to try and have friends like me. Just meet a lady with ADD plus cognitve problems. She never really made friends because of her speech problems that come with cognative problems. you feel it makes you look stupid because people are always correcting you in your speech. So when were are together she knows Im not going to judge. I realize that I have done alot of stupid things I did and said things I regret. But I always aplozie Cant spell that word.

But some people arn’t nice people and not with the time to worry about. This is a disablity and I don’t want people in my life if they can’t handle it. I get hyper focus on things. I pissed of my next door neighbour because I decieded I’m going to build a nice fort for me and my grandchildren. I needed help the wind was bad and I was trying to get the beams up but it keep falling down. i would tell her young daughter to go home because it wasn’t safe here. So she complains to her mom who is my friend and she gets up set with me. This is my place. I took it down because I couldn’t get help but I had so much wood and palets i was a bucket away from looking like a redneck or a rustic truck away. But that is been my life, it is hard but animals and grandkids always love me. I’m always in shit with some one. But with getting the dignose it has help me to teach people about me. I have even lost my family on both sides. I make friends with people with ADHD and animals are my friends. I know people who don’t have this that are mean sprit and they have never said sorry. Im always saying it. But if people won’t accept it you don’t want them as freinds. Clamdigger