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Welcome! You have come to the right place.

At least you knew something about it before you were diagnosed. All I knew about ADHD when I first watched the program is that kids got it and my niece had it. I watched the show solely to understand my hyperactive, 30 year old, social butterfly niece. I watched the show 3 times before I accepted that I am ADHD and then only after I had my daughter watch it and tell me the yes ma you are definitely ADHD (we usually just say ADD). A year later and many hours of study and dealing with depression and doctors and losing 2 more jobs I feel just in the last few days that I a finally getting a handle on things thanks, in a major way, to this website and all the people involved on all levels.

My husband and I did a lot of fighting while my daughter was growing up. She will be 25 in August. She is most definitely NOT ADD which I feel very grateful for because she is helping me get my life back on track. Back on track? Make that starting my life over again. I won’t go into detail here; you may not be ready to read a post that long.

The place to begin is to educate yourself on how ADD/ADHD affects adults. It is different than children. Watch the videos and read as much as you can stand every day. Someone will post something that you can relate to. there are a multitude of good books on the subject like “You mean I.m not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?”, and “Delivered from DIstraction” among them. It will be a bumpy ride but it will be well worth it.