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Re: Hope this is my rock bottom

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allan wallace
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:) I don’t really care if others call me a loser, hell, even my relatives look upon me as a loser! I started a fill-in job on a building site on Tuesday as a forklift driver/labourer. On my first day I was 10 minutes late and forgot my helmet, even though I thought that I’d prepared in advance by getting my stuff together the night before, and left 15 minutes early! On my second day I was only 5 mins late, and ripped a finger open after getting it jammed between two pieces of steel. True to form the King of fuck-ups is at it again. I have 2 days to survive, and if I make it home without crashing the forklift, or rendering any further harm to myself I’ll have achieved something…I’ll have to get my finger x-rayed next week to make sure that it’s not broken! Good luck to you other guys, you make me feel better! :)