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Re: Hope this is my rock bottom

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Gettingthere – I’m glad you’ve decided to post here. Many here have gone through the same things you are experiencing and can offer sage advice.

I’m wondering if your doctor had put you on or recommended medication for you. Since I’ve started taking medication, I’ve become more aware of patterns of behavior that set me back, thus keeping on top of things I would normally have let slide. I’m more aware when I start to put something off, and catch myself (your paperwork comes to mind) and make sure I set aside the time to take care of it. There was definitely something in my brain that was not connecting that I feel IS connecting now with the medication.

If you are on medication, you might want to discuss trying something that works better for you, sometimes its a combination of two drugs. I’m not saying you can’t manage without medication, but it seems as though something is not connecting for you. Sorry this is kind of short, I’m in a hurry to get out of the house but wanted to send you my thoughts. Good luck.