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Sorry so long getting back, Tanya

I just went cheap; we had some extra shallow bins kicking around that I used for school. You could go as low or high end as you want. I know some of the fancier home stores have a wide selection of wicker and decorative bins (Peir 1, Wicker Emporium, etc.). I went for plastic, and found what I was looking for at WalMart or the DollarStore chains. Imagine the old in/out bins that would sit on the boss’ desk. I like having them small and shallow, so the clutter doesn’t get too out of hand. You can see what you have in there without a lot of rooting around.I had, like, 10 of them and put them to good use. I hope it all works out for you. Let me know what you find!


PS – ooooohhhh! Bathroom! Good call!!!!