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Re: (How?) Do you “come out” to junior staff?

Re: (How?) Do you “come out” to junior staff?2010-04-07T19:11:41+00:00

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I would treat this on a “need to know” basis. In my case, I was running a meeting recently when I had to come to a full stop. I had lots of thoughts but just couldn’t access them. It became embarrassing, as I struggled to find the information that was *there* but just not *there right now*.

After the meeting, I spoke one-on-one with a couple of my staff, letting them know just a little bit about what was going on. Neither of them seemed all that concerned about it and in retrospect,probably didn’t need to know after all. If you’re a control freak as I am though, hitting a speed bump like that is pretty disconcerting. I figured “forewarned is forearmed”. Obviously I was going to find coping mechanisms so as to avoid future occurrences like that but there are just going to be times when you’re prepared out the ying-hang and *still* something like this is going to happen.

And of course you’ll run into the odd person who believes that ADD and ADHD are just fantasies, used by people to excuse themselves. One of my employees expressed a little doubt. I let it pass though – no sense trying to convert the unconvertable. :)