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Re: How do you deal with these people?

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Hi, Billd

I understand your rage, as do many others here. These are normal reactions when someone goes through when diagnosed as ADD. When diagnosed a couple years ago at 56 and I had them myself. But think of it this way: it’s one of the few times when a diagnosis is good news.

I went through the same “What if” scenarios. And at 53, you can still change things. All the things you describe as being out of your control can be brought under control through medication, therapy and a good dose of self awareness. Move forward.

And just because that’s how you reacted to things previously in your life, doesn’t mean you’ll continue to do so when your ADD is under control. Alan Watts, an English lecturer and teacher of Eastern religion, said “Trying to predict your future behavior based on what happened in your past is like trying to drive your car looking only in the rearview mirror”.

All this has worked for me and I feel better about my future more than any other time in my life. Regrets, sure. But I now view them as them learning experiences and battle scars. It’s all easier now, because I’m no longer getting in my own way.

Hope this helps…and good luck.