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Re: How do You Handle Complements?

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At first I would always disagree when someone complimented me… Take art work for example… I would paint something and people would adore it and tell me how good it was. I always disagreed because this colour didn’t blend to well, or its not the way I had seen it in my head, or this eye is slightly bigger than that one etc etc. I saw all the flaws in it… Same if they complimented my looks. I would go through everything that I found wrong with me….

I now smile and say thank you no matter if I agree or not with them. I chose to believe and trust them that maybe it isnt as horrible as I thought. I still tend to look at all the bad things about it, but am working on looking at the good, the fact that drawing, or art comes naturally to me. It may not be perfect, but that leaves room to grow and learn! Heck, if I was perfect, I would have nothing to strive for, or see improvements and feel accomplished about!

As for not liking to be noticed… that reminds me of a lady who I complimented… she got her hair cut and I told her it looked good… She got upset because she too didnt like to be noticed and liked to blend in the background… She didnt like to be noticed because she had been hurt bad before and figured if she blended in, no one would notice, and couldnt get hurt by anyone or anything.