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Re: How do you “see” words and numbers?

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I thought left-right confusion meant you mix it up – say like turning right instead of left or not knowing which hand is right or left. I often have to really think which side is right or left. I f I have to give directions I often panic that I told them the wrong way to turn.

It sounds more like you are left-handed and were sort of forced into becoming a rightee. My Dad was like that, back in his day they would hit him on the hand when he wrote with the “wrong” one. He can actually right with both hands equally well as well as mirror image with both hands together. He also experiences synthesia ( just found that out tonight actually!) My mom says we’re both nuts :-)

And Haggis.

The calender thing: ME TOO!!! But mine is a horizontal line sort of like on a Monopoly board. January to March are darker and small squares mark holidays within so that I can guage how far away time is. May is lighter and segmented in two because of the school year ending Then June, July and August are brightest and grouped together but yet each somehow decorated if you will with important dates ( birthdays etc. ) Then the rest of the year is sort of grouped but each has its own coloring and representational increments.

As for the days of the week, sounds sort of like yours – a wide line with the week-ends more weighty than the others. Each day is shaded. I don’t have distinct colors – more shades of gray.