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Re: How do you “see” words and numbers?

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Wow I’m amazed at all of your responses! This is such an interesting subject. Kazuo and Curlymoe thanks for sharing your perceptions, interesting to know how others perceive the same symbols.

Dspicelady, I googled synethesia and was reading a bit on wikipedia.Who knew?:-)

Thanks so much for all of your insights.

Larynxa, it’s funny what you say about scripts. Although I don’t read scripts much in general, on occasion I have for one reason or another and I can so relate to what you are saying. The thing that seems funny to me reading this now is that at the time I couldn’t understand why it was so much more clear visually to me than I had expected it to be! I expected it to be boring or strenuous to read for some reason or another. I never gave it much thought before so will have to read one again soon to see how it comes across. But sorry can’t help with the voice actress part :-)

Anyway have to go back to goolging to find out more about synthesia. I already got side-tracked earlier following the links !

Btw Curlymoe I don’t like math much either! I’ve often wondered if my visualization of numbers wasn’t cumbersome and the reason for my difficulty with anything math related.

I’m really curious now as to how all of that fits together. Part of the wilipedia article about synthesia says:

“As early as 1980, Richard Cytowic first noted mild difficulties in left-right confusion, arithmetic, and sense of direction”. Although the reference acknowledges that this is very anecdotal, I would say I would agree with this from experience. Following the link to “arithmetic” leads discusses discalcula, which I would say I have quite a few symptoms of as well.