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Re: How do you “see” words and numbers?

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I can relate to liking a subject now more than when I was in elementary or high school. I think as one matures one becomes a better student.

I absolutely hated school as a kid and did only what I had to in order to get through. When I went to university in my twenties I ended up floundering and never finishing. Now I recognize that I let a lot of my ADD traits lead me down the path I chose. Literally on a whim ( how ADD is that :-)?) I went back to University in my thirties after having kids and actually finished my degree. I switched majors into something I was fascinated with so my marks reflected this. My attitude to school changed once I had kids in school with great teachers, unlike what I had. I had fun volunteering in the classes and I think I enjoyed Kindergarten more than my kids did actually! Funny how I was able to face my demons and re-brand the experience in my mind.

In terms of the Synthesia thing,

I am wondering now that I know that how I perceive numbers is a visual thing -, I can somehow use it as a tool creatively to more “comfortably” maneuver through stuff that has to do with arithmetic or any kind of number manipulation. It just seems that learning math was a chore and perhaps the skills they teach in school are better suited to another style of thinking.

But on the other hand, neither of my kids think of numbers in this way and suck at math too, so maybe it has nothing to do with it.

Any of you teachers out there have any thoughts on this?