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Re: How do you “see” words and numbers?

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It sounds like you are a fairly “visual” individual; I don’t think your question is weird at all. In fact I am glad you asked this question.

I am an audiatory and kinestetic learner I do not see numbers but rather “hear numbers” e.g. in my mind I would hear “1 + 1 = 2.” insted of see “1 + 1 = 2.” Recently I learned that mathmatics is a very visually oriented science; consequently I had trouble learning it in high school. Today I am starting to see numbers more clearly mentally and have isolated what is giving me trouble learning algebra.

I do better with words again I “hear” them in my mind which eventually translates into “feelings” which then translates into pictures I can see; consequently I have been told that I an “articulate” in my writing and speech. I tend to smile when people argue with me that I must have a college degree; truthfully I am working on that now never went beyond senior high.