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Re: How does one get caught up in life so you can start “fresh”?

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Trillian… it sounds like we’re in the same spot right now! I’m hoping to get on meds though – treatment for chronic depression has been a true lifesaver for me, so I really expect the ADD med to make a difference too. Meds are scary before you try them, most people worry they’ll be ‘different’; I found that I’m just a happier me, and I figure the ADD ones will just sweep the cobwebs away from my brain, not change it :) Still… I’m trying to function too, and though I’m still tripping all over my feet, I’ll share the bits that are working :)

I use LOTS of checklists, and when I don’t lose them ;oP they do help a lot. I have a big dry erase board beside my front door, and like 5 calenders around the house (one for personal stuff, one for school stuff, one for pet stuff, one to track when the leftovers were actually made…etc). They sell them at the dollar store in all sizes and people seem to think I just like the pictures ;) I always carry a pen and make lots of notes on my hands. I tape really important “to dos” to the TV screen. I also use index cards that fit in the check part of my wallet. The hubby is a big part of my memory too; he’s starting to learn what I’m most likely to forget. I also ask good friends and my mom to remind me of the important stuff (texting is great for that!), or even to “come talk to me while I work” if it’s something like chores or shopping — it’s fun to visit and it actually forces me to do what I told them I was going to do. A good day planner is great… again when I don’t lose it ;oP Buy a brightly colored one so it’s easier to find and make it a good size to carry everywhere (it’s basically a brain stand-in) — spend the $ for one you really, really like because it’ll help you to remember it. I have like 8 copies of all my important keys, and my hubby and parents also have copies, since I lose them so often it hurts. Oh, and coming up with stuff like “if I do _____ then I will reward myself with _____” sometimes helps too, since you’ll tend to remember the fun thing more.

I just joined this forum and I’m stoked to have other people who are going through the junk I am… I feel SO alone most of the time!! I have a high IQ but most people think I’m an idiot, and that HURTS!