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Re: How in control are we, really?

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My partner and I have a very good realationship, even outside of sex. We have a lot of fun together and enjoy each other’s company a lot, so that bit’s not something to worry about :-)

Scarfox: Some of my reactions (like blowing up when my brain freezes) are things I find incredibly difficult to control. At best, I can give a warning just before I storm off which isn’t “F*** YOU!”, so this is a problem behaviour.

We’re working on little things we can both do to mitigate it, but it’s not easy because there’s very little worning, and he can’t yet pick up the external signs that my brain is freezing and shutting down. The advice from my psychiatrist was that, when it does happen, we need to analyse the lead-up once I’ve recovered so that we can work on making it less likely in future.

That’s the main issue we have right now.