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Hi Purlgurl,

Interesting that you mention Buddhism. :) I have started delving far more into the practical aspects of Taosim in the last year. Diet and Nutrition, breathing and exercise and lifestyle.

The breathing has been a HUGE help in helping to control a lot of the triggers that lead to self medicating.


WOW!! You and I share a LOT of characteristics. I have only recently started taking adderall in the evenings(if i am going to be socializing outside of my home) and it has made a big difference in how comfortable i feel.

As i mentioned to purlgurl the taoist breathing exercises have been a huge help, especially with that feeling of being over whelmed. I can “hibernate” for days at a time if i am not careful.

taking Tai Chi or Qi Gong classes can be a great way to leran more about them. :)