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I dont know if coffee can go wrong so I will tell you where i started this what seams like a bad trip . I found myself in aplace of deep worthlesness and sad and overwhelmed. had the time so wanted to know if ihad alearning problem or was i just dumd after a lomg talk with a great person named margeret she gave me a place to get started. seeing that my adhd is not as life stoping or as bad as things could be . having said that with my reading and writing trouble i keep trying . words come easy to my head but to write them or typ or read iam very slo i always keep thinking i was just alittle dumb. knowning that there is more to this helps. sorry for getting sidetracked . back to margeret you can find her at the learning disabilities association of manitoba @617 Erin ST phone is 204 774 1821 there are lots of great people there to help you to . hope you find a new doc soon let me know how you make out.