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Re: How to help kids with ADHD. Impose order or help them work within the chaos?

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What works….or has worked??? I guess simple simple simple is my mantra. Reduce the distractions……reduce distractions in my daily routine, reduce decisions, choices and the activity that surrounds them.

For a start, I keep my daily living activities as routine as the army……… every detail I can. My partner thought I was just a control freak……..well yes…..that’s one way to look at it. I guess??? I find if I keep my daily functions to a strict pattern it frees me to better deal with floating activity. I went so far as to eat the same thing for lunch (my brown bag) everyday. One wholewheat peanut butter sandwich and an apple. Simple….always keep peanut butter in the house (big tub), wholewheat bread (buy 3 at a time) and a bag of apples. Result, never consider lunch EVER again……never go to work empty handed EVER again….always high protein diet to push me through the day. I usually put those things back on the shopping list as soon a they are 1/2 down…..at my leisure.

I know it doesn’t sound like much but think about it…..never had a lunch decision to make again….EVER, very nutritious and predictable…..very freeing. I also buy only black socks…….really!!! I buy at least a 2 plus weeks supply at a time…. never have to match them up they are all the same….never have to make any choice of what to wear……get a hole in one put it in the drawer…a mate will show up in time. When the sock pile is getting low…drop the pile in the wash…….good for another 10 days. Same with undies….at least 10 days worth, they are cheap……Never think about it again!!!!!

I re-fill my truck at 3/4 of a tank, never an issue…just over 1/2 tank is getting low (yikes)…..so it never ever goes below 1/2 tank. I never have to stop for damn gas just when I’m in a hurry and can’t afford the time…….EVER!!!!

Our grocery shopping list is done “by meals”…simple. So then, the only choice is which meal today…….reduces shopping stress and meal choice…..buy what you like to eat and it’s no problem!!!! Everything you have you already like…..voila!!! Sit down for 10 min. every week and make a new shopping list for the fridge…..10 minutes once a week or so is better than standing in front of the fridge so long you get frost bite!!!

Look, I know this maybe appears weird but think how many of those things one could streamline like that. These are not monster fixes, not any one of them but all together……wow very freeing. Not only are many things taken care of but the thought process surrounding them is also now mindless rote activity….tell me that is not seductive!!!! I’m free of so many bonds that detracted from my day, life!!!

Hmmm…also we never shop for one’s of daily products……mostly three or more. Down to 1 or 2 of whatever it is left…. back on the list……list is on the fridge ALWAYS. With a pencil on a string tied to the fridge handle……

Oh ya all the clocks are set 10 minutes fast too……that may have more to do with my partner’s habits than mine. Hahahahaha….

I know this isn’t amazing shit….but think about it. How it kicks off the day and how as the day flows, it just does….it flows with so many things that I never EVER have to decide or even consider. Setting up kids is no different…simple simple routine that is easy to follow, it will become rote for them……gawd even Pavlov could get his dog to do it!!!

Look for routine opportunity……not all at once maybe…. little by little bit by bit……..same way you eat a double decker bus.