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Re: Husband And Son With ADHD.

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It sounds like your husband still has a long way to go in understanding what he needs and what changes he will need to try and make to get things onto a smoother path. Obviously, he’s been struggling with life for a long time and you’ve been working extra hard to keep things going as smoothly as possible for him.

You brought up the question of how do you get him to explain to his boss why he is still off work. He’s off work because he lost his licence, right? How long has he lost it for? Is it for a certain number of weeks, months, or is it a permanent loss? That could make a difference in what he says.

Some companies would probably terminate his position if they knew he had lost his licence, even if it was just a temporary loss. It could be he may need to consider looking at different job options, as scary and awful as that may seem.

As tough as all these recent experiences may seem now, it looks like your family is on the road to a smoother and better future. Understanding what some of the issues actually are that have been causing the problems is one step closer to being able to find meaningful solutions to them.

Knowing what ADD is and even taking meds doesn’t make all our issues go away but it certainly allows the light to begin to shine in on us! All the best!