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Actually hyperfocus is an ADD trait. While I agree that it can be useful at times – your description of how you get your school work done sounds EXACTLY like how I tried to get through school – it also leads you to crash and burn. And I can’t stress enough as to how detrimental it can be.

By my 2nd year at university it was not enough. There was way too much work and I ended up failing courses because I didn’t have proper study skills and trying to catch up at the last minute.During the times when I might have pulled off a last minute paper then stress often got to me so I bailed by dropping out of the course or just not writing an exam because I figured I was going to fail anyway.

I did end up going back many many years later and finishing up with high marks but it was well before I knew I had ADD.

WHile I didn’t pull the last minute 36 hour study stints then because I had realized that doesn’t work, I still had to hyperfocus in a sense by cutting my life down to the bare essentials – my focus was either school work or kids. Socializing, outside activities etc went out the window.

But what really made a difference, well not just a difference but changed my life in terms of school success, was the skills outlined in a book called The Master Student. Expensive but worth every single penny. i wish I had been able to read it when I was first in school, I think it would have made my life much easier. For that matter I wish I had known I had ADD when I was first in school!

Hers; a link for the book: http://college.cengage.com/collegesurvival/ellis/master_student/10e/students/index.html