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Don’t get me wrong! I am not a proponent of the “All rich people are evil” mentality at all, though it may look that way from reading my post, admittedly.

I’m not one who believes that money is evil, nor am I convinced that anyone who has a lot of it is evil.

But there is a mentality out there. An evil one, that has corrupted many otherwise altruistic people by seductively blinding them to the realities of the consequences of their actions. I believe it is that mentality that drives the U.S. health care system today.

Are there doctors out there who do what they do purely out of the desire to serve their fellow man? I believe there are a lot of them. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there are enough of them anymore, as there used to be. Money, and the prospect of making a better life for oneself has become far more of a motivation to get into medicine than ever before. And that, I believe, has corrupted the entire system as a whole.

Gone are the days of a doctor riding his horse for miles to treat an ailing patient in exchange for a chicken for his supper pot.

To be fair, I say a lot of what I say, whilst looking around at my own seemingly humble abode, and feel a twinge of shame and guilt.

How many times have I warned my own kids that they should get used to eating foods they don’t like because one never knows if one won’t have a choice but to eat that which one would not choose if one had a choice? To my kids, that means possibly having to eat pork instead of hot dogs, and the thought of them not having the choices they currently have gives rise to pangs of horror in many parents.

Yet all the while, somewhere in the world, every day, millions go to bed crying because they don’t even have a bowl of RICE.

And we worry about hot dogs?!

To be fair, while we complain about those better off than us not caring about our plight, there is someone, somewhere complaining the same thing about US.

Food for thought. And not very appetizing at that.