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Great reply BILLD,

I Did not put in my post “not all” in the rant about government workers. So i apologize to YOU! If you are a Gov’t employee and receive just compensation for your duties Awesome…… Unfortunately, I feel that unions sometimes level the playing field but then again why is union membership way down. I think they overpriced themselves out of the new world economy…… Supply and demand and the Global market place maybe?……. I cannot afford a product made in USA because I can get 2 made in Korea and get change. I am my worst enemy…. Do i want kids in sweat shops,,,, Nope! Why is the Gov’t not showing the places and the conditions these poor people work and live in from third world countries? BECAUSE WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT! Why are the unions not showing all Americans what is going on in other countries! Lets look at the union retirement funds portfolios and follow the corporate greed of the companies in those portfolios…..Oh Yeah! we can say things have never been better for the third world country laborers but would you work under those conditions….. I think not!

I do not know the numbers but seeing the information that is available regarding salaries of public employees and reading about there benefits packages through OPRA ( I think that it is what it is called) The politicians we elected are out of touch and WE ALL ARE PAYING DOUBLE for it now (but then again if we look hard I have to wonder if we are all paying for it equally)……… Look at history … Are we ever gonna learn……Again look at history…..Doubt it…… HMMM what about unions in hospitals…….. I see these medi health centers opening up right next door to hospitals and can charge less (to insurance companies) cause they do not have to take charity care cases… HMMMM should we give huge tax/education benefits to these same doctorsthat own them if after they graduate from med school get experience at the Community medical centers(Hospitals) and then are given education loan discounts and forgivenesses and are afforded other tax loophole and benefits at the expense of taxpayers because they are a health care provider. But again health care is becoming governmental so are they not public servants as they are given privileged tax benefits as apposed to another person in a different position or career field that is not Public service related….. AGAIN I do not have answers but as we all become more educated the sludge is starting to rise to the top of the boiling pot………