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“and while we may have universal health care here, that doesn’t mean we can all find a doctor who knows his a$$ from his elbow when it comes to ADHD in adults!”

Good point. There are those though, who don’t even have the option to search for a doctor who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. Not that finding one like that would do much good anyway, I know.

It’s a complicated system no matter how you cut it, and though it is easy to write a rant, as I did above, the solutions are far more complicated than a simple rant may seem to be saying they are.

That was not my intention at all. I’m fully aware it’s not so simple. But every now and again, it does feel somewhat good to just vent a bit. ;-)

I think we all know who the people are I meant in the above post. Not by name perhaps, but by character type. They are out there, and cause more damage percentage-wise than the percentage of the population they comprise. Most human beings mean well, and try their best to be contributors rather than blood suckers. It’s just too bad the blood suckers that are out there are capable of causing enough damage to harm so huge a number of people.

Thanks to people like that, we have the economy we have right now.

Them, and a lot of others who were duped to attempt following in their footsteps. I was almost one of them. That’s what I was referring to in the final line of my first post. Unfortunately, most of those who were duped, are now paying a very heavy price for it.