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There are sources of help for those who need, aside from so-called “universal health care” etc. Even if the whole world had perfect insurance, that does NOT mean that you can easily find a doctor that can help with ADD.

I’ve got full warranty on my Jeep, but does that mean that every mechanic I take it to can figure out what’s wrong or has a clue? NO!

So let’s skip the “coverage debate” as that’s not the whole issue – the issue for those of us with ADD is finding a good doc, then getting the help needed. There are FREE services for those who can’t afford it – mental health around here is covered, regardless of insurance, through the county, etc.

But getting that help is up to the patient. It’s not up to doctors to go walking the streets looking for folks with ADD.

Imagine how those folks who have these really obscure conditions where it’s like 1 out of 100,000 people and they are just now discovering it exists – imagine how they feel.

I’ve for years had problems with toes and fingers being cold, at times my foot or fingers just “go to sleep”. Last night, a couple of my fingers started to swell and I was in real pain.

It took years for a doctor to say “I know what that is, it’s RAYNAUDS” – and I’ve been to so many doctors and specialists. NOW I know what it is, what causes it. Is it fixable? NO! I have to live with it………… but even for something like that, it took several doctors and years.

Imagine some of the other more complex things, like ADD AD/HD where the “symptoms” or signs vary almost as much as the people who have it.

THAT is not the fault of any health care system or insurance company or government. It’s life. Anyone who ever said life was fair is a real idiot.