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“But getting that help is up to the patient.”

And therein lies the real problem. Especially for those with multiple neurological and/or psychological disorders.

The system, as it is, despite the fact that there are resources available, is so full of red tape, catch-22’s and uninformed/under-informed bureaucrats, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible for some with severe disabilities to navigate.

I found a really great web site that explores the problems associated with the mentally disabled seeking help. There’s a TON of reading there, but the guy does a really good job IMHO of outlining the shortcomings.


No, a single law isn’t going to fix things, but doing nothing won’t fix anything either. Sometimes you’ve got to make a mess worse before you can make it better.

I wouldn’t say I think the new health care law is any better than what we already have. The problem with anything like this is that only time can tell, and it is possible some things tried won’t work.

The thing is, what IS available right now, for those who can’t pay for anything, is ALREADY costing tax payers a lot of money. The difference between what exists now, and what the new law attempts to achieve, is that what we have now is only available to those that know how to “work” it. If the new system achieves its goal, a lot more people will be able to “work the system,” which, of course, will end up costing even more.

The difference is simple. While services may already be available, they may as well not be because so many people don’t even know they are there to begin with, and even once they hear they are there, have no idea how to access them.

The problem, as I see it, is making it easier for those who already are qualified to access the systems. That is what will end up costing so much more. But they are ALREADY qualified, as you explained. There are ALREADY services there for them. So why aren’t they all just taking advantage of them?

A rhetorical question, because I’ve already answered it. It’s too complicated for the average disabled person to figure it out, and too frustrating for those with limited social skills, and often limited tenacity to see it through.

The vast majority of those with limited mental and social capabilities, although QUALIFIED to receive the benefits already available, are routinely DENIED those benefits, and simply give up seeking them because it’s too darned stressful to continue. Most don’t know what to do when they are denied.

Yes, they are sent a form letter explaining what their rights are, and their right to appeal the decision, but by the time they get it, they don’t understand the jargon in the letter, and are already so beaten by the process, they don’t believe they will ever get anywhere with it once denied.

The interesting thing though, is that I’ve just learned that many appeals never actually get to the hearing stage. Many are approved the instant the appeal is filed! Why is that? It sure seems, from the way the appeal system works out in reality, that an awful lot of the initial cases are denied only in the hopes that those who filed will just give up. Because MOST OF THEM DO!!!

(btw: the caps are not meant to be shouting. I would use italics if this board were equipped with them.)