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Seriously……. I kinda meant to poke at the health care of US not Canada….. As an american we are trained to believe that our health care is the best and greatest and second to none. I have to wonder if that is true. It might be for the privilaged here in america but millions are in health care crisis and it is gonna get worse(that is why they inform us via the media when a foriegn dignitary comes here to get there tonsils out from a third world country to make us feel good when we get a bandaid “overpriced” if we walk in to hospital with a gash on our head unless u have premium health care oh then you get stitches and a plastic surgeon) . I am GLAD the information from totallyadd is here no doubt about so AGAIN THANK YOU CANADIANS and totallyadd from the bottom of my soul! We are going through some health care reform here in the US and let me tell you from what has gone on in the last 5 years here it is scarey……….. Yes Yes i know it is complex but unfortunately haveing been married to someone on the inside of healthcare (RN) and having many friends and clients higher up the food chain and knowing them on a little bit of a personal level GREED is a big part of it and unless we get a reel handle on it we are going to be in big trouble here in the USA. So again i apologize for the miscomunication and am thankfull for Totallyadd and all the canadians and others here on this site