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I wish I did not know now what I know about healthcare or I should say I wish I knew what I know now about ADHD 30 years ago… Let’s face it, there have been many strides in health care. Look just at ADHD and what is/has been discovered about it. Look what is being learned about the brain and human body………fascinating ! if you step back and look at it. I believe my kids today will be better off than I as long as there are the opportunities for them to be able to maintain the holistic approach needed for them to maintain there health.

The reality is it costs money for these discoveries. Or maybe it costs POWER (greed, control and etc) Maybe the Powers that are in control do not know how to handle the power they have. The advancements of medicines, computers and many more things are incredible. Scary thought… What if everyone was healthy… Where would all the healthcare workers find jobs………. what power brokers would loose there power and what other ones would gain it. What shift in our society would have to take place…. WOWWW Truth look at manufacturing … Used to have 5000 workers at a plant…… to produce cars! now they produce a car with 100 robots and 200 workers……. oh and the workers that built those robots …. they did such a good job that once the project was done they now do not have a job….. and the 5000 employees at the plant that used to support many other workers and places of business lets say 3000 more. Today the robots only support maybe 100 technicians nothing else……… Heck no matter how we feel the cars are GREAT they are building!

Truth is even health care is being performed with more efficiency with the use of computer technology etc…..Most of the workers are becoming technicians. The computers and monitors can diagnose patients even perform surgery. We are just going to need a body to plug them into us and we will feel better quickly as opposed to later. We thought we were going to need x number of new health care workers to care for the elderly…. I think we are going to need more Techs……

MY POINT….. In the USA we are maybe brainwashed. I hope the powers that be understand that we are starting to run out of people to suppress so the ones that are in power can flourish in greed…….. Look at history from the Romans and before to Stalin and after…..

I do not know the answers here…. High unemployment….. even higher than we are told as those after there unemployment runs out they no longer count…… HOW stupid is that! Colleges and Technical schools are popping out extremely well educated students….. but where do they go…… What opportunities are there for them………. Do we stop educating people? Some in Power think we should as they need more laborers not competing smart people. Some in Power I believe even think we should reduce healthcare as the elders are not productive in there eyes………. These are questions that will be answered and maybe unfortunately the ones in Power today will be making the decisions on them to fulfill there own GREED… Imagine if we did not have computers or this web site…. How would we communicate and share ideas and thoughts.Who would benefit on lack of knowledge and sharing?. The thoughts of an ADHDer are really not bad in fact maybe we are very insightful and unfortunately intimidating to people of power because of the way our brain works. Funny I wonder and I can only wonder what my life would be today if I had only the treatments and knowledge today that is afforded to those with ADHD I hope you all out there with ADHD take advantage of what is available and produce a better world and …………………………….. website content for TotallyADD.com…….LOL

For the record I love the USA and Canada