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Interesting post. Unfortunately I agree with many aspects of it……… I love the “addicts” reference… I am not a true practicing catholic by any stretch. Not really sure even what this is as we have all heard the scandals involving the Vatican and etc. No not just picking on the Vatican as I have had very close and personal relationships with a valued member of a church that is anything but what they represent.

Greed is a big part of our society and yes I fell for that blissful desire. The fact is when is enough truly enough,,,, I am not sure but the reality is Healthcare is Gov’t controlled and we see what the politicians are about. (maybe not all but enough). Sad part is I was a little on the inside of the healthcare world here in NJ and let me tell you much fixing is needed but it is a long way off as the politicians are scrambling because they need to figure out how they best can get a piece of the pie (directly and or indirectly). Has anyone looked at the boards of directors and character of the Boards of directors of these institutions?

The big problem here in NJ we are broke and the changes needed are going to be painful regarding health care. The bigger problem is that all the entitlements that were given out are finally catching up to those promised to and we cannot honor (the politicians that is) those commitments now the poor schlubs are supposed too. The “powers” that be are going to have to figure out whom is going to be still privileged and whom is not…. And they have to be careful not to step on too many toes…….

Healthcare, retirement entitlements UGH why is the government jobs paying salaries greater than the private sector can YIKES. No I am not republican or democrat but I am an american and have paid taxes and pay taxes every time we spend a dollar at the store. Have we looked at all the privileges in the new tax codes. Even the IRS inspector general says we are way over our heads regarding tax laws……. Are they gonna change anytime soon? probably not as the Powers that be will never allow that to happen on there watch. We have no one to blame but ourselves though so I am pointing the finger at myself as I have done nothing to try to change it except for voting for the least worst politician as opposed to the best one……..