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Plenty of blame to go around. I used to work in the insurance industry (yeah, as IT, but I sure kept my eyes open and learned a lot!)

Yes, there’s all sorts of reasons to blame the big bad insurance companies, the bigger, badder government, etc. but what about the fools who eat themselves into 300 pounds plus then demand free drugs, and treatment? The smokers who have been warned for many many years, and STILL they smoke a pack a day + then want care for something they did to themselves.

A friend of mine saved himself thousands a year, and more for his insurance company by getting his weight and diet under control. He no longer needs insulin. All because he started eating better. What about the 25 year old who weighs in at 250 pounds, almost 40% body fat, then complains that it’s someone else’s fault?

Where is personal responsibility?

Text while driving, get your car wrecked, and it’s someone else’s fault. Drink, drive, get into an accident, it’s someone else’s fault – even when your liver dies from the drugs and alcohol. No one shoved that food/drink/drug/cigarette into your body. I don’t mind helping someone who helps themselves, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to take care of someone who self-destructed on smokes and overeating when there is free help all over the place, even cheap help that’s cheaper than medical care!

If you lose your job through no fault of your own, get sick even though you try to stay healthy, trust me, I’ll be more than willing to help. My wife and I are among the biggest donors to the local food bank that there is because we know that sometimes bad things happen no matter how hard you try. We do give until it hurts. It’s just right, IMO. But to see someone complaining about losing this or that or can’t afford this or that, but sure have their weekly allotment of beer, cigarettes, and chocolate donuts, and a new gas grill on the driveway, I have a problem with that.

You, me, everyone here, including insurance companies are in business for profit. And when we have to cover those who self-destruct on food/drink/drug, you name it, it costs! It costs us ALL.

How about my brother who was a respiratory therapist and had to pay $100,000 grand a year for malpractice insurance? Not even a DOCTOR, and because of greedy lawyers, greedy people, and stupid juries (hot coffee WILL be hot, you moron!) it hurts us all. He’s out of that now, could hardly afford to stay in it, it wasn’t worth it. And he lives in a modest home roughly 1400 sq.ft, about $150,000, small lot and drives a used Dakota.

Yes, I’ve been unemployed – last time was for 22 months, and that’s before all the extensions on benefits.

Yes, I farmed for 7 years, had no retirement plan, no paid insurance. So yes, I’ve seen both sides.

I believe it’s a whole lot more complex than anyone is allowing themselves to think. Everyone is at fault. Not just “those big bad xxxxxxx”

Comment on government jobs – nope, not always. I make MUCH LESS now doing what I do than when I was in the private sector! I went down about 15K a year moving into government. So stop the freaking stereotyping, please! Not all government employees are overpaid!

I agree there are some that are – but please *blame the unions*. Not the poor employee who needs a job, and like you or me, will take all they can get if it’s given. And frankly, a bit more pay would be nice to offset the constant, and I mean constant threat of layoffs.

Then there’s the “you get what you pay for” adage, too.. Want crap help in the government, then cut wages. Then it will be equal to the fast-food server you love so much.

Oh, some of us are also tired of paying free this and that for those who can’t even read or follow the laws of the land. Yeah, you know what I refer to, and it’s costing all of us millions – billions. Studies show that in this state alone, our budget could be balanced but for the freebies we give to those who break the law, the complain they aren’t being taken care of.

Yup – many many reasons the system is broke, and it’s amazing how it’s become much more broke lately……….. wonder why.