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Well, I am sorry that American Politicians have long neglected this very visible problem. Especially with Micheal Moore screaming about the problem but things aren’t much better in the land of free health care. Here in Alberta the average wait time in an ER is 24 to 36 hours to even find a bed for a minor complaint such as a broken arm. When there is a critical shortage of family physicians and our premier health care providers are being lured to the US because of the money to be made there treating patients. A family physician is paid 37 dollars per patient. So you are seeing 12 or 13 patients an hour and they basically get one complaint per person. No real time to diagnose just get them in and out. They are now training nurses to do the initial diagnoses and just have the doctor writing the script. A doctor here gets to pick among the thousands of people who line up to get a family doctor and he chooses young healthy individuals he probably won’t see for years. And they want to embrace more public health like the US and allow doctors to opt out so that they can treat private patients with cash or a good health plan for mega dollars. There is a club in another city in this province that charges a fee monthly so that you have access to their health care professionals and you can jump the line if you need major health care treatment. Envelopes of cash are being given to surgeons so that you can move up in line instead of waiting your turn. There are few resources in Alberta for mental health issues and we are one of the richest provinces in Canada but it is not a priority and their are lots of stigmas.