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I as a canadian find it insulting, that you would think that just because progress is being made by doctors in canada that it does not have the same creditability than if this was started in the usa. if this is what I am reading shame on you . just because this is done , maybe not as loud as in the us does not take away from its worth. having said that just because we have one of the best heathcare plans in the world could it be better? yes, my point is that just because they are not just standing and yelling look at me , and people getting tyied of hearing that. all I am saying is that when you do something for some one else at least make sure that some one is being helped. we have some of the greatest and smartest people in heathcare in canada, so it doent suprise me that the one getting or needing treatment would come first. I am 48 and everyone could say where were you x number of years ago, well the anser probably would be we were working on it. so in closing as a good and proud canadian i would say to dr J and all the rest of the doc that have made such a great inpact on my life all I will say is THANK-YOU and keep up the great work me and my family are counting on you. and you know what if you are moving forward on this keep up the good work , and I don’t care where you live we will take the help.