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Re: i got to say today was a good day….

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“i was hyper focused on doing my tasks

and when hubby approached me with a question i snapped at him. the conversation

went where it didn’t need to go, b/c of my reaction to a quite simple question that didn’t

need for me to be so brutal.”

Why do we do that, Veronica??? Everything’s going GREAT, we’re in the zone, and then the slightest little interruption can set us off! My father used to do that to me all the time. And then I caught myself doing the same thing to my wife. I’ve been tempted to say “don’t talk to me, just make me a list,” but the thought of her sitting down and thinking up $#!T for me to do absolutely TERRIFIES me.

” It’s funny how much audiences enjoy seeing performers having to adapt to technical difficulties.”

Larynxa, I think it’s that people in general enjoy watching positive people overcome. It would’ve been very easy for you to get flustered, be negative and turn into a DIVA–but you didn’t. You would have had every excuse to justify that kind of behavior and they knew it. What we have to remember is that NOBODY is better at reacting than we are–as long as we convince ourselves that we aren’t going to let anything bring us down, it won’t.

Of course, when we convince ourselves that we can’t get up, nobody else can pick us up, either.