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Re: i got to say today was a good day….

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Why do we do that, Veronica??? Everything’s going GREAT, we’re in the zone, and then the slightest little interruption can set us off! My father used to do that to me all the time. And then I caught myself doing the same thing to my wife. I’ve been tempted to say “don’t talk to me, just make me a list,” but the thought of her sitting down and thinking up $#!T for me to do absolutely TERRIFIES me.

oh my gosh, me too!! i have sat and thought about what it would look like for hubby to sit and actually write things he wants me to do. the list would be never ending. hahahahaha

i am soooo not about “honey, do” lists. not for him, or for myself. eventually we just get stuff done and it evens out. although, for me it takes a little longer than him to complete a task… still working on that.

and i’m still struggling to find out why… why i find the need to react in such a way when interrupted. i guess it’s mainly cuz’ i feel that there are times it took me so long to get into a groove of whatever it is i’m accomplishing. it’s difficult for peeps to understand what a struggle getting started can be sometimes. perfect example. i just got to work and i’m on here. hahahahaha. i’ve got 4 minutes till i HAVE to start working. it’s a little give and take game i play when i’ve got things that need to get done. not really looking forward to the excel spreadsheets i’m required to finish today, but i have to get her done!


much as I’d love to just let things slide, I have to get all that dental work done. If I don’t, the resulting infection will lead to blindness and death. And I can think of WAY more pleasant ways to go blind and die. Besides, my oral surgeon is a lovely Englishman, and just hearing his accent lifts my spirits. (I am a tremendous Anglophile, and hope to move to England, within the next 10 years.)

you know i was just playing about the “hell i vote you spend the money on something else, who needs teeth anyway?” comment right?! hahahahaha

and oh my goodness i am soooooo in love with the accents as well, although i wouldn’t necessarily call myself an Anglophile. personally I would rather immerse myself in an asian culture of some sort. i’m just weird like that. tee hee.

ok, i’m one minute past my time to start working. great! hahahaha

be well, you guys. see you Monday, if not sooner!