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Re: I HAVE ADD! *Slapping forhead* “Soar and Fail” is the story of my life.

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I feel like I actually could have written Martha’s post myself. When I was younger I got all the ‘daydreamer’ comments, then as I got older it was procrastination and lack of effort, and lately it’s been more towards ‘airhead’ and ‘lazy’ (I left my job to return to college and tend to miss a lot of homework and show up lately pretty much daily). I’ve been really frustrated because I feel like I’m working my ass off, but just spinning my wheels… and everyone else is like “you’re not trying.’ I’ve been treated for depression and PTSD for years now (I was a journalist in the Army and went to Iraq) and a few years back when one of my psychs threw out ADHD my reaction was “you’re kidding right? I’m not hyper” and I wrote it off as the counsellor being an idiot.

Then about a week ago my Psych 100 class covered ADHD and pointed out that there is the ‘classic’ kind that everyone sees in little boys, and a totally different reaction in girls. As we worked through the chapter and looked at the adult symptoms I actually started laughing in class (snorted and made everyone look at one point) because I was hit by the “Oh .. my .. god … it’s me” realization. The “ADD & Loving it” came on tonight and since I’m still mulling it over, me and the hubby watched it… and laughed our butts off. LOTS of finger pointing.

I’ve really been fighting with the terrible concentration and distraction for most of this year, and I’m hoping that this new realization may make a difference. I’m used to being ‘flutter minded’ but it’s been so bad lately that I feel downright dysfunctional… I really hope taking a 2nd look will change things!