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Wonderful news, laddybug3!

I can’t play a single note but I sure do appreciate those of you who can!

I have absolutely no musical talent. If you are old enough some of you out there may remember the movie with Steve Martin called ‘The Jerk’. The movie opens with a group of black Americans singing and clapping and having a great time together on the front porch of a home down in the south of the US. Steve is trying to sing and clap along with the rest of them (his mom, dad, etc) but is totally ‘off beat’ with the rest of his family. Totally out of sync with the singing and clapping. It’s at that moment that he suddenly realizes that he must have been adopted….

I laughed at this portion of the movie (the rest is totally forgetable) because Steve was just like me in some of my classes when I was at university The prof actually yelled at me one day in class because he said I was intentionally trying to be ‘off the beat’ while he was trying to teach us choral conducting! In fact, I was trying to disrupt the class, wasn’t I?

I was so humiliated at the time. I was quite aware that I was totally out of sync with him and the rest of the class and everything I tried to get me ‘in sync’ was just not working. If you want to see something really scary, I show you how I dance.

I’m thrilled to hear of your successes in clarinet. I know for a fact that musical accomplishments don’t come without a lot of hard work. Your hard work in the past is now paying you big dividends, with interest!!

The neat thing is, a musician feels rewarded by his or her musical success but everyone else is rewarded by it too. We get to listen and enjoy!